Bornholm, Denmark

Oh yeah aaah the many times I felt BROKEN _I would feel myself perishing in the sinking sea. I laid beneath the ocean and the waters went through my lungs.The skies cracked, oceans flooded, people drowned and sobbed.

I cried out, Save me God. Alas, he never gave up on me and so it occurred to me that I should dedicate all my entire life to him(Lord). This particular moment I send his mercies to my loving family, my heart beat friends and the unknown well wishers.

The winds blew so hard. The trees outside my bedroom window drew melodies. They were soothing . All my worries suddenly started to draft away. A feeling of last summer moments cropped in- I had encountered best moments with my hommies throughout this season and Christmas celebrations were not bad afterall. Most people assured me that the year 2021 would turn out to be one with change and miracles. I anticipated patiently and crossed my fingers.

Bornholm, Denmark

It suddenly echoes right through my alert ears. The unending beats of a wall clock interrupted my moments. My eyes were were elert too, I couldn’t put myself to sleep. Oh I recalled- I had 2 remaining sleeping pills that a doctor had prescribed for me some time back. Unsettled queries suddenly raced in and out of my mind. I remnisced over thoughts of my parents urging me not to rely entirely on tablets so I will drop the idea of taking sleeping pills. Why don’t I even sleep over a sound of ocean water…- thanks to the Internet,i hurriedly grasped my phone and the only thoughts raging through my mind was turn on Spotify. I was well acquited to this particular selection of power to sleep which I consider to be the best ocean chillout music.

Good night world, find peace in your horizons and let your lost and broken hearts be mended.

#hope #rejuvinated #mercies #glories #uprift


  1. Brenda Eunice your a very good composer. Why dont you write anymore. We need an recent article from you.


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