A snapshot of Ugandanallstar

At this time, am porch seated sipping on a warm glass of lemongrass ice tea. “Lemongrass grass” is a plant and it’s leaves can be used to make medicine which treats diseases like stomach ache, high blood pressure, cough, vomiting, fever and common cold. Well, let’s head back to our main matter .

In popular culture, porch -sitters form a recognized group in marketing and in literature so this moment, am prompted to have a chit chat with a renowned broadcast personality that I have followed for around 2 years on Instagram. I am very convinced he got an immense passion for what he does as a broadcast journalist and so I must devise means of having a little interview with him.

aka Bil Da Afrikan


Ugandanallstars commonly known as Bil Da Afrikan is a broadcast journalist from Uganda. He enjoys capturing unplanned moments with his camera. He shoots diversified scenes, celebrities, personalities, adventure or basically anything that makes his heart freeze. Not to forget, he is a freelance journalist who works with different media houses which he won’t disclose and on top of that he owns his personal broadcast channel. Follow our dialogue below for more. 👇

Instagram open chat:

Brenda Eunice : Hello Ugandanallstars.

Ugandanallstars: Hey hey. What’s good?.

Brenda Eunice : Good here. Love your work. Really fascinating. I understand your a broadcast journalist. How is it going amidst all this chaos of Corona virus. Almost everything is on standstill but am also aware that some individuals still carry on with their projects, they still push harder even in between battles. Taking a glance on some of your social media platforms, I am assured the flow is catchy and the engagement is virtuous-even still with the prevailing situation in Uganda . How have you managed?.


Ugandanallstars: When the lockdown was implemented in March this year, all businesses were halted and those that still operated nearly became bankrupt. Besides that I don’t think I have done satisfactory  work ever since I relocated from Tanzania to Uganda some years ago. But importantly, in my mind social media is what I do. I always post that which catches my attention. “Doing what I love keeps me floating”.

Brenda Eunice : So your the type that loves adventure and got a keen eye on exploring new ideas, opportunities and experiences. I may say…

Ugandanallstars: You could say that . Well, getting back to you. When are you writing on your blog and tubing?. What’s your life about Danish Ugandan woman?.

Brenda Eunice : So your the interviewer now?. Haha. Let’s say am blogging about you now because your a big deal. Well, would you mind drawing the curtains a little  wider and shed on your current or future plans?.

Ugandanallstars: Not to serve the unready food but on the docket I have so many unpublished video interviews with many celebrities here in Uganda and across boarders that I have shot, but what’s the  point of issuing them out on my social media platforms when the interviewees are shipwrecked.  The trending word in Uganda now is ´´tuli mu struggle´´ meaning most things in Uganda an inaction at the moment due to the upcoming elections(e) and the impact of Corona virus(cv). People that I normally work with are celebrities stretching from musicians ,entertainers in the entertainment industry and these people are currently not active in Uganda because of the above two named affairs C and CV. So I kind of put a hold on making and realizing  most interviews.  But I have high hopes 2021 will be a much more fair year.

Brenda Eunice : 2021 isn’t so long from now. Will certainly look out for you in a few months so I can compass most of your efforts and commitments. I must admit I was lucky to acquire this chance to talk to you. One love is all I would say.

Ugandanallstars : Definitely one love is all that the world needs. Bless .




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  1. Good journalism. I love to write so such a kind of piece moves me. Tried to write to you through the Gmail provided on your site. Get back and we talk business.

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