PENG PENG TO ISMAjajaichuli(your a social media climber)

By: Kyakwera

For the recent social media clashes coming up, we can hit on the ongoing fued between peng peng and Isma. Peng peng who lives in Sweden hinted that he made Isma the motor mouthed blogger in Uganda that was some time back deported from Sweden . In his words he states that Isma is a social media climber that clops on any tree germinating with leaves.

Raymondsmith,Stockholm aka peng peng

Peng States that he’s angry at his student Ismaichuli whom he nurtured and groomed whilst on his stay in Sweden who is becoming an issue that doesn’t respect the aspects of journalism .


I am yet to acquire the real truth from pengs’ sources but what i know, penge is kinda regretting why he brought Isma to the lime light. We should remember that peng has helped so many Ugandans to taste the fruits of being socialites and has gone ahead to offer essential guidelines to big personalities on internet who are mostly Ugandans with big names.

It is a developing story that interests me so wait for more buzz and updates …

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