Singer Heather Nanteza flaunts body in Miami.


south beach Miami

Heather is a sassy female musician in Denmark ( the sassy representation is my personal description).   She is famous for her hits like ” let me know”, and many others.

An observation from google trends reflects a high viewership for her music in Schengen and East Africa.  2018 has been a superlative year for her since she has performed on several events in Europe. Being a good year, she took an opportunity to applaud herself  with a vacation in Miami. In a hotel adjacent to South Beach, she is seen flaunting these authentic curves.








Come to think of it; Sometimes it comes as a challenge to navigate through our careers. With the intensity and the madness around us, the next question after a successful year for some people would be a great vacation.  So flaunt those curves queen 👑.



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